Eredi di Bonacina Mario

For more than 40 years in the metal surface treatment industry, the company was founded in 1970 by Giuseppe Bonacina, specializing in galvanizing and polishing of special metal parts and pieces of blanking. In 1973 replaces Mario Bonacina, thanks to plants both static and barrel to allow the company to establish itself firmly in the market thanks to the quality of his work. In 2001, facility obtains certification for the quality of its ISO 9001 - Vision 2000. In 2005 it moves  in the industrial zone of Caravaggio to extend the factory in renewing machinery and functionality: the workshop is called Eredi di Bonacina Mario srl. In 2009 the company became part of the Group Gaser increasing production capacity with a static large plant. In 2016 the company moved to a neighboring production site increasing spaces and adding more lines of production.


MAX TUB CAPACITY: 3000X600X1500 MM – 1000 KG