Gaser Ossido Duro

In 1945 Bruno Gasparini founded the company Fragas (Brothers Gasparini), specializing in the treatment of jewelry.
In 1965 his son Sergio, who succeeded his father, turns fragas in Gaser Spa specializes in treatments of aluminum profiles.
In 1968 the Gaser Spa increased its technological capacity by introducing hard anodizing process leading the company to become the industry leader,
providing protective and colored anodic treatment too (black, gold and bronze).
It is in 1976 that Gaser Spa changes its name and becomes Gaser Ossido Duro Srl. Significant new investments are made on
the line of anodizing : the existing facilitiy is enhanced by the construction of tubs of 4 and 8 meters. In 1992 the leadership of the company
is entrusted to Josiane Mangeol, wife of Sergio Gasparini, with administrators sons Flavio and Licia.
In 1997 Gaser Ossido Duro Srl broadens the plant acquiring 3,200 square meters and entering a new natural anodizing line with 3 pools melted alloys and die-cast.
Solid industrial reality, between 2004 and 2007 the company put into operation a line for chemical nickel: in 2009 Gianni Franzosi enters the management of the
company as CEO by making further growth and technological renewal thanks to the interaction with the new emerging locations of the group.
In 2016 Gaser Ossido Duro, specialized for years in metal working in the automotive industry, is certified ISO / TS 16949: 2009 thus continuing the growth process.


MAX TUB CAPACITY : 1750X700X950 MM – 400 KG


MAX TUB CAPACITY  : 7800X1300X1400 MM – 400 KG


MAX TUB CAPACITY : 7800X850X1400  MM – 400 KG


MAX TUB CAPACITY: 1700X900X1300 MM – 400 KG


MAX TUB CAPACITY: 2400X450X850  MM – 400 KG