Chemical nickel plating is a highly resistant corrosion, wear and friction deposit. The coating takes place chemically without the use of electric current, thus allowing treatment on any substrate and geometry.
Being a chemical and non-electrolytic process, a coating of extremely uniform thickness is obtained regardless of the geometry of the piece.
It is possible to carry out the frame or barrel treatment depending on the characteristics of the particular and the technical requirements.
The chemical nickel deposit has a hardness of 500-600 HV and can be increased by performing a heat treatment of the coated piece obtaining values ​​even higher than 1000 HV. Materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, brass, aluminum can be coated.
The resistance to corrosion, thanks to the presence of high percentages of phosphorus, the hardness reached thanks to subsequent heat treatments and the strong adhesion to the substrate make the chemical
nickel coating one of the most versatile and effective on the market.