In the electrolytic galvanization process the material to be treated is suitably degreased and then prepared to be dipped in an electrolytic solution containing zinc salt. Finally, a current passage is created between the item and the solution that let the metallic zinc to settle on the very item surface.
After the nickel-plating the treated item enters in a passivation bath that creates a thin protective film that, after being dried, increases the corrosion resistance and improves the aspect. It is possible to apply a further post-passivation sealing in order to increase the corrosion and smoothness resistance.
The treatment can take place with a frame or barrel system cycle, depending on the technical and aesthetic needs.
In the same way it is valued the necessary passivation type: white, yellow or iridescent, black or green.
The cold electrolytic galvanization allows a filler check at micrometrical level, a good aesthetic result and an optimum price/quality ratio.