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A company with a strong innovative spirit and an international outlook, working on a wide range of surface galvanic treatments.

A rapidly evolving group that has been providing full support to companies in a wide variety of industries for three generations.

A company with a sustainable vision, focused on limiting its environmental impact and building a high-tech future.

Gaser Group specializes in
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What is anodic oxidation? Anodic oxidation is a surface finishing treatment consisting of the formation of a ...

Chemical nickel-plating

What is chemical nickel-plating? Chemical nickel-plating is a highly corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and ...

Zinc plating

How the Zinc plating process takes place In the electrolytic zinc plating process, the material to be treated...

Heat treatments

What are heat treatments Heat treatment of metals refers to the processing cycle consisting of high-temperatu...

Nonstick coatings

Rivestimenti anti aderenti per il comparto alimentare e industriale, con finiture antiaderenza e anticorrosion...


How nanotechnology works Plasma treatment plants consist schematically of a vacuum chamber, a pumping system ...


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I rivestimenti Halar

I rivestimenti Halar godono di proprietà molto simili a quelle di altri fluoropolimeri come il PTFE e il PFA; infatti, Halar è il nome commerciale del...

09 Nov 2022
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La teflonatura dei metalli

Con teflonatura di metalli si intende l’applicazione di un rivestimento di politetrafluoroetilene (PTFE) volto a migliorarne le sue proprietà superfic...

09 Nov 2022
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La carbonitrurazione

La carbonitrurazione è un trattamento superficiale per metalli con lo scopo di aumentarne la durezza solamente sulla superficie. Spesso, viene impiega...

09 Nov 2022
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