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Seridall has more than 60 years of experience in anodizing aluminum and its alloys.

The variety of possible shades and finishes, flexibility in offering special applications and fast machining times are the main distinguishing features of the business. Seridall has a well-established quality standard in the field of anodizing and hard anodizing, having obtained numerous seals of approval.

Located in Nova Milanese, it can be easily reached by taking advantage of the main motorways leading to the city of Milan and has an in-house, integrated logistics service, one of its main strengths in meeting customer needs.

Flexibility and finishes

Variety of shades and finishes, speed of execution and fulfilment of customer orders.

Great specialization

Focus on anodizing, hard thickness and decorative anodizing, with many approvals obtained.

Dedicated logistics

Own means integrated with a logistics system capable of handling all goods on time.


Galvanic treatments | Hardplate 40®
Hardplate 40®

Galvanic treatments | Anoplate®

Galvanic treatments | Duraflon®



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Nova Milanese (MB), via Galvani 3
VAT number: 02965750967
Phone: +39 0362 40491
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