Galvanic treatments

From anodizing to nickel plating and heat treatment

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An innovative overview of what galvanic consists of

We have learned the oldest techniques and updated them with the most cutting-edge technologies and a new concept of metal surface machining, respectful of the environment and attentive to the timely management of all manufacturing processes, in order to achieve excellent results and guarantee a value-added service.

The processes of anodizing, zinc plating, nickel-plating and all heat treatments are managed by specialized and experienced technicians. Our galvanic treatments offer the right protection to each element, aesthetic solutions able to characterize a single workpiece and thus give an incomparable aspect to the whole product.

The experience and skill of our technicians, a network of production centers expertly distributed throughout Italy, the ability to listen and flexibility allow us to meet the needs of each customer and to serve different industrial sectors with great efficiency.

What advantages do galvanic treatments offer?

The surface treatment of metals increases their properties and functionality, enhancing their technical performance through hardening and protection processes, processes that increase their resistance to oxidation and corrosion, and improve their hardness and appearance.

Each of our treatments is carried out by state-of-the-art equipment, so that it can bring real benefits to the material and to the industry that will use it, for the production of specific parts or complex products.

We pay great attention to sustainability and to reducing the environmental impact of our production facilities, limiting waste, reusing substances within the treatment cycle and promoting the recycling of deposits. Advanced galvanic treatments that looks to the future.

Innovative approach, synergistic services
Galvanic treatments | Anodizing Anodizing

What is anodic oxidation? Anodic oxidation is a surface finishing treatment consisting of the formation of a ...

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Galvanic treatments | Chemical nickel-plating Chemical nickel-plating

What is chemical nickel-plating? Chemical nickel-plating is a highly corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and ...

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Galvanic treatments | Zinc plating Zinc plating

How the Zinc plating process takes place In the electrolytic zinc plating process, the material to be treated...

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Galvanic treatments | Heat treatments Heat treatments

What are heat treatments Heat treatment of metals refers to the processing cycle consisting of high-temperatu...

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Galvanic treatments | Nonstick coatings Nonstick coatings

Rivestimenti anti aderenti per il comparto alimentare e industriale, con finiture antiaderenza e anticorrosion...

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Galvanic treatments | Nanotechnology Nanotechnology

How nanotechnology works Plasma treatment plants consist schematically of a vacuum chamber, a pumping system ...

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