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P.D. Service has been dealing with surface treatments since 1979, with a strong specialization in fluorinated coatings.
The attention to the customer, dedication to details in order to achieve the best final result characterize each process: experience and continuous technological updating allow to guarantee the most innovative solutions and always high quality standard.

The perfectly organized internal structure and the capacity to handle different application techniques on various materials, offer to customers the flexibility necessary for the treatment of their parts, even in cases of large dimensions.

Authorized applicators

P.D. Service is the licensee and authorized applicator of main brands of coatings. These awards are synonymous of experience, quality, performance and technology.

Dimensional capacity

The surface preparation and coating application, both automatic and manual, and the curing ovens have dimensions such as to allow the treatment of particular that can reach 16 meters in length.

Complementarity of treatments

The possibility of treating the surface with phosphating e coat with functional coatings in a very short time in the same establishment is a rewarding factor both from the point of view of the performance of the final product than lead time management of treatments.


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