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A center specializing in nickel coatings

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Gaser TC specializes in chemical nickel coatings for the major oil and gas industries; it has two different nickel machining lines, large sandblasting plants, furnaces and selective coating plants.

This makes it possible to effectively coat valves, even large ones, sheets and also to guarantee exceptional final results with any type of metal. All this is completed, with a view to a quick and comprehensive service, by a fully integrated logistics service operating throughout the country.

Highly specialized

Focus on machining components for the oil and gas sector, with Europe's largest plant.

High competence

Ability to handle the coating of large quantities of material.

Rigorous quality

Control tests on hardness, corrosion and abrasion resistance, thickness, porosity, composition.


Galvanic treatments | Chemical 71
Chemical 71

Galvanic treatments | Hiplate LM 40®
Hiplate LM 40®

Galvanic treatments | Slippery®


Gaser T.C. Technical Coating Srl

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Isola Vicentina (VI), via Enzo Ferrari 51
VAT number: 04005600244
Phone: +39 0444 976937
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