Eredi di Bonacina Mario

A specialized zinc plating center

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Eredi di Bonacina Mario srl specializes in zinc and zinc-nickel plating of mechanical parts.

With four high-tech automatic plants connected in a network, the plant is able to perform both frame and rotobarrel treatments.

Numerous combinations of passivations and sealants can be applied. The ability to meet tight turnaround times and consistent quality are two of our main strengths. Logistics management with its own vehicles completes the service.

Versatility and speed

Ability to handle large and small orders quickly, with packaging service.

Flexible structure

High-tech production lines, capable of handling from a few kilos to many tons.

Guaranteed quality

In-house laboratory for product analysis, with X-ray and salt spray corrosion tests.


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Zinco Nichel

Galvanic treatments | Zincatura elettrolitica
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Eredi di Bonacina Mario Srl

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Caravaggio (BG), via Enrico Fermi 5-9
VAT number: 03188010163
Phone: +39 0363 351313
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