Annealing For Ferrous And Not Ferrous Alloys

Galvanic treatments

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Annealing is the thermic treatment that entails heating and tenure at a specific temperature with slow cooling in the same oven. Rebaking can be offered in different kinds according to clients’ needs:

  • Isothermal Rebaking:
  • Normalising Rebaking;
  • Recrystalising rebaking;
  • Manufacturing Rebaking:
  • Globular Subcritical Rebaking.


  • Segregation Reduction
  • Reduction of micro and macro structural tensions generated inside the structure after mechanic manufacturing and plastic deformation  
  •  Transformation of metastable phases.


Rebaking Processes are operated by Alfa Ossidazione Inc. . in special ovens in nitrogen protected atmospheres, creating a clean artefact free from any residues.


  • All steels;
  • Aluminium, brass and copper

Locations of the treatment

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