Gas Nitriding

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Gas Nitriding is a thermochemical treatment to allow the diffusion of dawning nitrogen on the superficial layer of steel. Such process creates and an enforced layer that increases the hardness of the superficial layer and prevents wear and tear effect, offering the following characteristics to the object:

  • Increase of superficial hardness
  • Improved resistance to wear and tear
  • Improved resistance to stress
  • Less Friction
  • Moderate resistance to corrosion


From 0.10 to 0.75 mm (class NtE1 - NtE6 – UNI 5478)


Thanks to gaseous nitriding, the product appears neat and in a shade of opaque light grey.


  • Nitriding steels
  • Steel used for tools
  • Carbon Steels
  • Tempering Steels
  • Cast-steels

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