Fluorinated coatings

Galvanic treatments

Main board

Polymers containing fluorine have exceptional chemical and thermal stability properties, excellent dielectric characteristics, a particularly low refractive index, high resistance to UV rays, flame and solvents; the surface properties are also extremely interesting: low friction coefficient, good lubricating characteristics, hydrophobicity.

The resulting coatings are therefore widely used given the varied properties of these materials.


The advantages of these types of treatments are many: first of all, reduction of the maintenance costs of machinery and improvement of production performance, but also increase in longevity; of equipment and well-being in the workplace, thanks to the non-use of lubricants and solvents.

Main applications

  • Food industry

  • Plastic

  • Wood processing

  • Mechanics and automation

  • Aerospace sector

  • Oil & Gas sector

  • Energy sector

  • Chemical sector

  • Textile industry

  • Air treatment

  • Galvanic frames

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