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The Carbonitriding is a thermochemical process that spreads carbon and nitrogen in the superficial layers of a steel made component.  Such process is followed by a tempering one and a distention restoration. The aim is that of obtaining a high tempering superficial layer that can be hardened with tempering, always maintaining and a strong and resistant core.


  • Increase of superficial hardness also for low tempering steels;
  • Improved resistance to wear and tear;
  • Improved endurance
  • Increased superficial capacity to resist specific medium intensity pressures.
  • Hard core. 


From 0,05 to 0,80 mm (class Cnt1 – Cnt8 – UNI 5479).


The artefact can be treated with sand to create a homogeneous effect if requested by the client. It is possible to remove any crusts or oily traces. 


  • Carbon steels
  • High speeds Steels
  • Low Carbon Steels

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