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24 Jul 2023

PFASs (Per and PolyFluorinated Alkyl Substances), are a large family of highly persistent, synthetic chemicals that accumulate in the environment and in the human body.  They can be transported in surface water or groundwater contaminating drinking water and water used in urban and industrial processes and can provoke negative effects on the environment and the human health.
Since PFASs are "forever chemicals", the remediation of polluted sites is technically difficult and costly.

The aim of the FOUNTAIN Project is to propose an effective solution to this problem with special focus on the Surface Finishing Industry.




LIFE FOUNTAIN project proposes integrated solutions aiming to reduce PFOS, PFOA, GenX, ADONA, F53B, PFBS, PFHxS, PFNA, FTSA pollution from groundwater to be used in the industrial processes and from industrial wastewater used in the surface finishing industry (where PFASs are used as mist suppressants).

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